Show that you like ker

Allow her to sleep and know that it will be safe to send you a good morning message. You don’t need to worry about writing anything fancy, at the end of the day she doesn’t expect you to be perfect; she will enjoy if you show that you did something thinking about her, less than that, she will just enjoy the fact you thought of her.

If your attitude is true she is going to feel beautiful.

Fill up your time thinking about good plans and not arguing about the bad moments.

Giver her a good look, very close, look at her until you can see yourself in her eyes. Those who protect and at the same time say the best about us, about what she is. It is through the eyes that we show how happy or how sad we are; we cry through them and we also laugh through them. By the way, the smile from the eyes usually have more value than the ones through your mouth. Show her that you like her.

Ask how her day was and look for ways to make her happier. Fight the routine with happy things through her days. Smile when you remember of her. Smile when you talk about her. Smile when you talk to her. Touch her skin and roll one of your fingers through her face, ask about her preferred shampoo when you smell her hair when hugging her and also hug her like there’s no time to end.

She doesn’t expect a lot from you.

Answer a message right after you receive it, even if you have to say that you can’t reply at the moment. Tell her about a song you’ve been listening to and how this song makes you feel. Be yourself but with a little bit more of yourself. Do it like a simple “Listen to this song” turns to “This song has changed my days lately”. Organize your thoughts and the way you talk to her; you will find your own way about saying how you like her.

Don’t worry about she will judge you. Do something that you feel that she will like. Feeling is pretty much knowing it. Show her your phone’s password, you might need it someday.

The world has been so strange that it is sometimes hard to show someone how much you like them because it might seem that your intentions are always the second ones but, we always have our own way of doing it, a way that nobody can judge. Show her that you like her.

We all know how to do good things to someone, we just forget doing it.

Pay attention to her details.

She thought about that nail color and .. feeling bad about she hides the nails when he’s not there anymore. She picked those earrings and rings. She got over her hair in the morning. She did not put her hair in one side by mistake, by the way if her hair is tied up she probably did that to protect it since she didn’t wash it in that morning without even thinking how beautiful you think she looks that way. She might have spent too much time choosing those clothes. She looked at the mirror three hundred and thirty four times without even including the elevator. She calculated the exact pressure for the eye liner, even when she was feeling sleepy. Pay attention to her details. Talk about anything you notice, notice something, talk about the dress figures that she took a long time to choose, talk about how beautiful she is when she uses those tights. Let her feel the peace of feeling appreciated.

Show her that you like her.

Showing that you like her has nothing to do with price, it has do to with value.

By Márcio Rodrigues.

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