22 things that happy people do (original article in portuguese)  

This is very simple. Happy people have habits that make their lives better and they also behave different.

Ask someone that is happy and they will probably say:

1. They don’t hold grudges

Happy people know that it is better for them to forgive, they do not allow negative thoughts to dominate them. Resentment can cause stress, anxiety and depression. Why would you want to hold to that and allow it to make you feel bad? If you forget and forgive something that someone did to you, you will have a clear and more energetic conscious enough for you to appreciate the good things in life.

2. Treat everyone well or as I would say, treat everyone like YOU would want to be treated

Did you know that it was scientific proven that being gentle will make you happy? Being an altruist makes your brain to produce serotonin , a hormone that lowers tension and elevates your spirit. Treating people with love, dignity and respect allows you to build stronger relations.

3. See problems as challenges

The world “problem” is not in the vocabulary of someone who is happy.
A problem, most of the times it’s seen as a disadvantage, a fight or a difficult situation; however if you face it as a challenge, it can become something positive, an opportunity. Whenever you have an obstacle, think of it as a challenge.

4. Be grateful for what you already have

There is a popular saying that says “Happier people don’t have everything that is best, they make the best out of everything they have”.
You will have a deeper feelings of contentment if you rely on all the blessings you already have instead of thinking about the ones you do not.

5. Dream BIG!

People that have the habit of dreaming big are closer to realize their objectives of the ones that don’t have that. If you dare to dream big, your mind will assume a positive and focused attitude.

6. Do not worry about small things

Happy people usually ask themselves:
“Is this problem going to have the same importance one year from now?”
They understand that life is too short to worry about trivial situations. Letting problems flow normally will definitely leave you more relaxed to enjoy more important things.

7. Talk good about others

Being good is better than being bad. Gossip can be fun but in most cases will leave you with guilty and resentment. Saying positive things about people make you think positive and also not make you worried about judging them.

8. Don’t try to find who is guilty

Happy people do not make others guilty because of their own failures. Instead, they assume their mistakes and try to correct them.

9. Live the present

Most people that are happy do not live in the past or worry about the future. They enjoy the present, they get involved with everything they do, they stop to smell the roses.

10. Wake up at the same time every day

Did you ever notice that well succeeded people tend to wake up early? Waking up at the same time every day stabilizes your metabolism, boosts your productivity and puts ourselves in a more relaxed and centered state.

11. Don’t compare yourself with others

Everyone has their own rhythm so why do you compare yourself to others?
Thinking that you are better than someone carries a feeling of superiority which is not healthy, if you think the opposite you will end up feeling bad so, focus on your own progress instead.

12. Chose your friends wisely

Misery loves companionship. That is why it is important to be around people that are optimistic, people that are going to help you reach your objectives. The more the positive energy you have, the better you will feel.

13. Don’t look for approval from others

Happy people do not care about what other people think about them. They follow their own hearts without letting pessimists discouraging them and they understand that it is impossible to please everyone. Listen to what people have to say but never look for approval from anyone.

14. Use your time to listen

Speak less, listen more. Listening makes your mind more open, the more you listen, the more content you absorb.

15. Keep your social relationships alive

A person that is alone is unhappy. Happy people know how important is to have strong and healthy relations with others. Always have time to meet and talk with your family and friends.

16. Meditate.

Being in silence helps finding your inner peace. You do not have to be a Zen Master to achieve meditation. Happy people know how to silent their minds anywhere, anytime to calm themselves.

17. Eat well.

Everything you eat will directly affect the way your body produces hormones and that will define your humor, energy and the way your mind will focus. Make sure you eat food that will keep your body healthy, in good shape and with a more relaxed mind.

18. Exercise

Some studies have discovered that exercise will boost your happy level, self-esteem and will also create a feeling or auto realization.

19. Live only with what is really important

Happy people have little things around them because they know that excess will leave them stressed and overworked. Recent studies have proven that Europeans are happier than Americans in general because they live in smaller houses, drive simpler cars and have less itens.

20. Say the truth

Lying destroys your self-esteem and makes you obnoxious. Truth will always free you. Being honest makes your mind healthier and also helps other people trusting you. Be always true and never be sorry about it.

21. Be in control of yourself

Happy people have the power to chose their own destiny. They do not let other people tell them how to live their lives. Having control about your life will bring your positive feelings and it boosts your self-esteem.

22. Agree with what cannot be changed

After you accept the fact that life is unfair, you will probably have a more peaceful state with yourself. Try to focus only on matters that you can control and try to make them better.


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